App Overview

An innovative AI-driven app designed to uplift, connect, inspire and share positive vibrations.

Vibeshare is a unique groundbreaking app and  community sharing tool that enables real energy transfer uplift and vibration change.

Connected Community

Users are plugged in to an engaged community of like-minded people to share vibrations and cultivate authentic connections.


User record their smile for 60 seconds - this energy is captured and transferred to friends. The process is enhanced through exciting AR filters.

Powerful Growth

Users unlock engaging personal development courses and journeys that are gamified to enact lasting change.


Francesca Vinci

Founder CEO

Glenn Weiland

Founder Chairman

Anthony McIlwain

Head of Global Innovations


Today, I am delighted to share my vision of Vibeshare, a unique ground-breaking , life enhancing mobile app and community sharing tool, that enables Real Energy Transfer, uplifts and raise the vibration.

For many years I have been researching, practicing and forwarding the vibrational movement. 

It is my belief that the world and humanity will be in far greater vibrational  balance for the future and that lives will be changed and improved for the benefit of all on a  grand scale. Having coached clients worldwide, of all ages,  one on one, in groups, workshops and more recently retreats, with life changing results in a short period of time. 

It was obvious to me that even greater results could be achieved with these tools being available 24 hours a day.  

My strongest desire and ultimate vision has always been to ensure that these wonderful life enhancing vibrational tools could be in the hands of  everyone, anytime, anywhere. 

So I travelled to the USA, the UK and across Australia speaking to high level technical directors interested in the vibrational movement.

I then set about to find a team of like minded professionals and so today the Vibeshare start-up  we call Vibeshare is a reality.

Alone we can achieve so much... Together with your funding will massively change lives for the better globally.
Francesca Vinci 🙂 
Founder CEO

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