About Us

Who are we?

VibeShare is an evolutionary technology, movement and app empowering humans to become aware of their emotional state and vibrational frequency in order to rapidly shift limiting beliefs and actualise their full potential.

VibeShare is a unique groundbreaking app and  community sharing tool that enables real energy transfer uplift and vibration change.

Did You Know?

3/4 of the world's smartphone users use a mobile messenger and an extra 243 Million mobile phones users worldwide will start using mobile messaging apps this year.
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Mobile Phone Users Worldwide​
Alone we can achieve so much... Together with your funding will massively change lives for the better globally. - Francesca Vinci
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Who do we serve?

We intend on developing and leveraging our technology to shift the entire planetary consciousness, through deploying our technology within various verticals and market segments.

We aim to engage coaches, healers and change-makers whom are actively engaged in the personal development and human evolution space, whom want to contribute towards the betterment of humanity and the development of paradigm-shifting technology like VibeShare.

Young Adults
16 - 25 Years Old
Mental Health Sufferers

Meet our Management Team

Francesca Vinci

Francesca Vinci

Founder / CEO

Glenn Weiland

Glenn Weiland

Founder Chairman

Anthony McIlwain

Anthony McIlwain

Head of Global Innovations

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