App Overview

An innovative AI-driven app designed to uplift, connect, inspire and share positive vibrations.

Vibeshare is a unique groundbreaking app and  community sharing tool that enables real energy transfer uplift and vibration change.

Connected Community

Users are plugged in to an engaged community of like-minded people to share vibrations and cultivate authentic connections.


User record their smile for 60 seconds - this energy is captured and transferred to friends. The process is enhanced through exciting AR filters.

Powerful Growth

Users unlock engaging personal development courses and journeys that are gamified to enact lasting change.

The Problem

Being continually connected to the rest of the world can be either positive or negative depending on how we adapt to the challenge this brings.

Although there are many benefits to text messaging, Research has found that the negative effect on teenagers is insurmountable, impacting them on physical, educational, and psychological levels. 

Improved wellbeing

Users feel clear, connected and in-charge of their life through gamified personal development. Users can track their growth.

Personalised AI concierge

Our advanced AI engine learns user behaviour, preferences and desires and curates bespoke learning pathways to accelerate their personal development

Halo ring

Our unique wearable ring provides the user with real time vibrational readouts, notifications and seamless connectivity at their fingertips.

Real-time vibration sharing

The smile function leverages facial recognition and fun AR filters to enable users to capture the energy of their smile and seamlessly transfer this to others

Connected global community

Users can connect with a like-minded community to share, engage and grow together.

Modality based learning

In-built intelligence determines the preferred modality of the user and delivers content in a way that is best suited to their learning style